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My Tarantula Escaped! What Should I Do?

Tarantulas, popular yet demanding pets in Canada, may escape their enclosures. Understanding their nocturnal, reclusive nature aids in recapture: stay calm, secure the area, search dark spots, gently use a catch cup, and return them safely. Prevent future escapes by securing the habitat, monitoring regularly, and providing a suitable environment. Stay gentle and prioritize safety to prepare for any future tarantula adventures.

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Care Sheets

What Size Enclosure Do I Need for a Tarantula? A Comprehensive Guide to Tarantula Enclosure Setup

This blog post discusses tarantula enclosures, clarifying several aspects like size requirements depending on the species, and the importance of mimicking their natural habitat. Enclosure dimensions should be three times the tarantula’s leg span. The interior should include elements like substrate, hiding places, climbing structures, water dishes and controlled temperature and humidity. Safety is also vital, with secure lids and non-toxic materials.

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